Why US?


At 23 de Mayo coffee, we take pride in our careful sourcing process, working closely with 50 families within the Nasa indigenous community  at the Togoima reservation – Cauca, Colombia. This collaboration allows us to provide socially responsible and sustainable partnerships. By choosing our coffee, you support these coffee-growing  families and contribute to a brighter future for all of them. As a witness of our dedication to supporting these communities, we go above and beyond by paying them 12% above market prices for their exceptional coffee.

the Nasa indigenous community at the Togoima reservation Cauca, Colombia.

Why is 23 de mayo coffee so especial?

Find out what makes our semi-washed coffee, also known as ‘white honey’, so special!

Our process not only preserves the unique flavor of our beans but also saves water – we use a third less than traditional methods, saving at least 5 liters of clean water per pound of coffee!

23 de mayo coffee beans are grown in soil located just 17 miles from the Nevado del Huila volcano, benefiting from nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Cultivating coffee in volcanic soil enhances the flavor profile and quality of the beans. Join us for a delicious and eco-friendly coffee experience.

Drinking our coffee means supporting sustainability!

Specialty Coffee Friendly and Sustainable

“Thanks to our semi-washed process, we save approximately 158,000 gallons of water every year.”

*158.000 Gallons = ~1.200.000 bottles of water each containing 16.9 Oz (500ml)

Click to meet the Nasa indigenous community at the Togoima reservation Cauca, Colombia.

Ana Andela

Coffee farmer

Julieth N

Coffee farmer

Jackie Liz

Coffee farmer Grower & Agronomic Engineer

Isidro Liz

Coffee farmer

Luz and Dilmer Muchicon

Coffee farmer

Alirio A

Coffee farmer

Blanca A

Coffee farmer

Luz and Misael Muse

Coffee farmer


Coffee farmer & CEO of Native Root Colombia

Ervin Liz

Coffee farmer and the founder of Native Root Coffee

Jose Miguel Rodriguez

Entrepreneur and the Co-founder of 23deMayo

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